Name--Just call me "CK" =w=
Age--17 (w00t~)
Race--Mexican that was born in the US XD
Religon(if any)--Christian...and writing a shounen ai shocker XD
Sibing[s]--just one annoying sister
Pet[s]--Meh kitties Tabby and Diva <3
Music--contemporary christian, Metal, Rock, Alternative, Christian Rock, Mexican classical.....I listen to pretty much everything except Rap...
Bands--Newsboys, Casting crowns, Chris Rice, Flyleaf, Linkin Park, Three Days Grace, AFI, Avenue Q, DC talk, Evenescence[sp?],Juanes, Mana, 30 seconds to mars, veggietales (I WENT THERE XD ) alot....>.>
Likes--BLACK MOON CLAN!!!!!! music, drawing, shounen ai, RANDOMENESS!!, Nuts...not those kind...>.> , Anime, reading, hanging out with friends, my ipod
Dislikes--jerks, my procasination, hateful peoples, Religous people (UGH CANNOT STAND THEM!!!), hypocrites, rap, music with pointless/no lyrics (SERIOUSLY THERE WAS THIS ONE SONG THAT THROUGHOUT THE WHOLE SONG WAS "baby de quito wo baby de quito wo wo" and it got a flippin AWARD FOR BEST SONG!!!!!! That isn't right!), overly dramatic peoples,the lazyness inside of me XD