This character page is currently under construction and I'll keep adding when characters show up in the series. Guide:Color=major/minorish(meaning their minor but play an important role); black=minor
Eye color-Chrimson Red
Hair color- Black with some white pattern spots
Food-Anything really...but I have this odd taste for Cookies...*munches on Chocolate chip cookie*
Power(s)- Teleport, Energy blast, Telekesis, 3rd eye: blast, hypnosis, absorbs energy
Aura Color-Red
Race-Techicly Nemisiman
Would rather be- Causing chaos in the world and making everyone suffer every agonizing minute and laugh as they cry for mercy *evillaugh*....or be asleep...
Hates-Angels and their preppy holy S***t, That Prince Bastard and his girlfriend, F*gs, alot of things you don't want to get me started...
Info-Dem Dem Dem what can I say? He was a horrible person durring life even though he wasn't around long after he was created. When he was killed he was sent immidetly to Hell it wasn't long before his want for supiorisity for others kicked in. Soon after he attempted and nearly succeded in taking Hell for himself but God stepped in and stopped his plans. Knowing that keeping him in Hell was a problem he made him a "half"-angel and sent him into Heaven to keep watch of the little demon. He has tried and has failed in several attempts to escape of Heaven...till now that is...

Eye color-Brown
Hair Color-Black
Race-British Human
Family-Benjamin H.(Father,60), Alexandra H. (Mother, Deceased), Becca A.(Sister, 27), Ellen H.(Sister,23)
Would rather be-relaxing at the beach
Hates-Cats, Birds, Demando, Screamo music
Info- Andrew is a decent guy and the 4th "P.A." [as Demando calls them] to be assigned to Demando. Andrew was one of the only ones that tried hard to convert the little demon into seeing the bright things of life and love and etc. In the end everything was in vain and he realized that there was nothing that could change with this half-angel and like every other angel hardened in Demando's presence. He was the one that was nearly "raped" by Demando in his attempt to get out of Heaven

Eye Color- Hazleish green
Hair Color- (main)Light Brown, (front bangs) Brown
Food-Root Beer Floats and Hot Dogs
Race-American Human
Family- Ben W.(Father, 85), Emily W.(Mother, 82), James(Brother, 54)
Would rather be-with Jack on a romantic date *sigh*
Hates-Demando, people that drink, being rejected, skimpy clothing, being without her ribbon
Info- Katie was the victim of a horrible car crash that was caused by a drunken driver that crashed into her and a group of friends only 3 of the 5 survived. She immidetly became a very well known and popular Angel because of her enthusiasm and passionate character. Katie oftenly rejected guys that would ask her out 'till she met Jack and noticed much diffrance in him. They would talk time to time when he wasn't busy and they would talk as friends but she developed feelings along the way and now she makes them apparent to Jack's disliking. She's now willing to do whatever it takes to get her feelings returned...

Eye Color-Blue
Hair Color-White-blonde
Food-Salads or pizza
Race-American Human
Family- Charles C. (Father,61), Anne C.(Mother, 58), Jasmine C. (Wife, 34), Diana (Daughter, 9)
Would rather be-Back on Earth fixing every mistake in my life
Hates-Demando, Jasmine, Heaven, How his life was, His guilt
Info- Jack, a nice, quiet, respectable guy. He has had nothing but regrets since his late collage years. Why he chose the path he did that led him here, no one knows. All he knows is that he's lived in lies and continues to live in them even after death.

Eye Color-Violet
Hair Color-Silver/white
Food-Not very picky nor choosy as long as its good.
Powers-Teleport, energy blasts, telekinesis, 3rd eye: Hypnotize, blasts
Aura color-pinkish purple
Race-Nemisiman Human
Family- Aventurine(Father,Deceased); Quartz (Mother,Deceased);Sapphire(Brother,18)
Would rather be-With Usagi...simple guy with simple needs =w=
Hates-Demando, Endymion, Those that are a threat to Usagi and the clan, loud nosies
Info-Prince Diamond had a peaceful life since being free from Wiseman's grasp and rid of Demando though still busy with prince duties and the occasional clan members fighting here and there but he lives peacefully with his younger brother. He and Usagi go out occasionaly and everything seemed so perfect also with the clan. Then Demando somehow rose from the dead and is now forced to allow the evil being into his home. What he's going to do...who knows
[disclaimer: I don't own this character he is owned by the orignal creator of Sailor Moon- Naoko Takeuchi.]

Eye Color-blue
Hair Color-Blonde
Food-Sweets. Sweets. And a bit of everything
Powers-Silver Crystal
Aura color-White/light pink
Race-White Moon Human
Family- Kenji(Father,??); Ikuko (Mother,??);Shingo(Brother,14)
Would rather be-asleep, eating, out with friends.
Hates-fighting, violence, hatred, death, getting bad grades
Info-Usagi has been nothing more than a normal teenage lazy girl until a magical talking cat reveals to her that she is the warrior of justice: Sailor Moon. As well as the White Moon princess: Princess Serenity. She uses her new found power and friends to fight unnatural crime and protect the world (and mainly their home town Tokyo). She had come across the Black Moon Clan in the second year of being the powerful Senshi when they attempted to take over Earth by capturing "The Rabbit" (AKA Chibiusa) and the Silver Crystal with her. Through out all the fighting she was able to discover the true evil manipulating these people, Wiseman. And using her powers she was able to destroy him. Keeping her promise to Prince Diamond she allowed the Nemesimians to return back to Earth. Discovering about Diamond's extraordinary survival they began to work together more often, eventually developing a relationship with him.
[disclaimer: I don't own this character she is owned by the original creator of Sailor Moon- Naoko Takeuchi.]

Eye Color-blue
Hair Color-dark blue
Food-Mild sweet tooth other than that a lot of fruit mainly apples or bananas
Powers-Teleport, block
Aura color-blue
Race-Nemesimian Human
Family- Aventurine(Father,Deceased); Quartz (Mother,Deceased);Diamond(Brother,21)
Would rather be-reading a book, studying, discovering and creating new things
Hates-Wiseman, Diamond's rash actions, Demando, Talkitive people, People taking and messing with his stuff and experiments
Info-Sapphire is the second prince of The Black Moon linage...although that title means little to him or most of the clan considering that it is The Prince/King that is the most important individual so most don't pay much attention to Sapphire unless it's in the means of attaining a droid or weapon. Supposedly killed by Wiseman he was somehow [like his brother] given a second chance and now serves as Prince Diamond's main advisor. Although without the main Dark Crystal he still creates droids for members and attempts to discover a more efficient way to create droids without the power that they had before.
[disclaimer: I don't own this character she is owned by the original creator of Sailor Moon- Naoko Takeuchi.]

Eye color-Light Blue
Hair color- Unknown;Dyed Sky blue with pink tips on the bottom of the longer bangs
Food-Chocolate Cake,cherries
Powers-Teleport,Lightning strikes, electric based
Aura Color-Blue
Race-Nemisiman Human
Would Rather be-Taking a walk at the park at night and star gaze
Hates-Cruel people,wars,lies,hate
Info- Jet is one of those more calmer Nemisiman and has possessed his father's dislike for fighting although he isn't a complete pacifist like his father he will still defend himself if necessary. Jet is a cheerful person that will often go out of his way to help another and this is what makes him more of an easy going person.

Eye color-Jade Green
Hair color-Green with dyed darker green on the bottom
Food-Peanut butter
Powers-Teleport, energy blasts,Plant/vine based
Aura Color-light green
Race-Nemesimian human
Would Rather be-Training my skills
Hates-any threats to family
Info-Jade is a very over protective mother that is always one to baby Jet...but he doesn't mind it. She is known though out the clan as one of the most headstrong and powerful members with her superior combat skills and martial arts. In fact she is one of the only members that can defeat another without the use of any powers. She spends most of her time discovering new things about Earth and it's inhabitants and training herself and other members.

Eye color-Brown
Hair color-Brown with dyed black tips
Food-Chinese take out with the little fortune cookie
Race-French-british-American human
Would Rather be-Where those weird Black Moon people train their super awesome powers,Chilling with meh friends,Going out with some cute girl/guy *wants B/GF TT^TT;; )
Hates-Gym,Conformists,Jasper being such a a$$hole and not even noticing when he does it,TV/microwave dinners
Info-Marc[That's M-A-R-C no "K"] is the kid in your class that you think is the weirdo that most tend to ignore or avoid. He sticks around his own little group of friends and was the first to believe that the strangely hair/eye colored new students weren't "of this world" and since learning the truth he has become fascinated with the abilities of the Black Moon and has befriended a good number of them the closest: Jet,Krista, and Jasper. Marc can be the more hyper one in the group and often changes hair styles when he feels like it.

Eye color-pale silver blue
Hair color-Brown
Powers-Teleport, energy blasts, ability to transport objects to or away from where she wants it
Aura Color-metallic
Race-French-Nemesimian human
Family- Coal(Father,40);Agate(Mother,39)
Would Rather be-playing with a lot of cats~
Hates-yappy dogs, annoying neighbors, weird body tricks
Info-Krista is a relatively neutral Nemesimian never caring much for the war considering her age. She easily adapted to Earth human life and since her mostly normal appearance she easily blended in "normal" high school opposed to other members. She immediately became fond of cats and decorates her room or jewlery to their likeness. She was given a cat-eared hat by a newer friend of hers and due to Nemesimian beliefs and love for cats she always has it with her and is always seen with the hat on.

Eye color-orange
Hair color-orange
Powers-Teleport, energy blasts,light rays, light based
Aura Color-yellow-orange
Race-Nemesimian human
Family- Zircon(Father,45);Sphene(Mother,39)
Would Rather be-taking a day off and doing nothing but relaxing and enjoying a nice view
Hates-Marc's flirty ways, Jet's over passiveness, people wanting to get into fights with him
Info-Jasper is the kind of guy most don't get along with because of his blunt [sometimes rude] honesty. How he became friends with the group he's with now not even HE'S sure and often asks himself that time to time when Marc is acting like...well Marc.

Eye color-Green
Hair color-Black
Food-Cherry+Coke Icee, Chicken, Pizza, Jello
Power(s)-Blade related, spells, teleport, slash blasts, shield
Aura color-Dark Green
Race-Nemisiman Human
Family- Opal(Father,40), Aquamarine(Mother, 39), Onyx(sister,20)
Would rather be-Hanging out with friends in the garage, driving on my motocycle, perfecting my solo for my next gig
Hates- The landlord at his apatment, how his sister behaves, bills, things that bite
Info-Kito is always somewhere and has someplace to go. He juggles with a job, collage, and his part in a band. Although he has teleportation ablities he prefers to ride the motocycle he bought and fixed up after saving enough money for it. Other than his "normal" life he is very skilled in combat and nearly was apointed general of The Black Moon Clan but he refused after his sister ran away and refused to come home with their parents and due to his protectiveness of his twin he stays with her to keep her away from trouble.

Eye color-light brown
Hair color-copper
Powers-Teleport, energy blasts,ice based
Aura Color-pale brown
Race-Nemesimian human
Family- Jade(Wife,35);Jet(Son,17)
Would Rather be-spending a quiet fun evening with my family
Hates-fighting in all forms
Info-Out of all the Black Moon Clan members, Copper is a rare sight. Although some members don't fight as most do, he is a complete pacifist completely refusing to use any of his powers unless for defensive use. Because of it he is often ridiculed and seen as pathetic to the other members including peaceful ones.

Eye color-Light gray
Hair color-dark Gray
Aura Color-???
Race-Nemesimian human
Would Rather be-???
Info-Not much is known about this guy at this point all that is know is that he would hang around Jet when he was younger and is a devout Christian.

Eye color-light green
Hair color-sandy blond
Race-Irish-Anglo American human
Family-Lorraine(Mother,43);Matthew(Father,44);Timothy(Brother,7); Sheri(sister,6)
Would rather be-in a concert having fun or listening to music in the music store
Hates- Overly feminine guys with a lisp, reading novels, watching movies on books he had read before
Info-Josh is one of those guys that you'd never expect he was who he was because of that he keeps his sexuality easily hidden from most for the longest time. Gaining confidence from Jet that he didn't have to act a certain way or stop believing in what he did because he was gay he began to accept the fact and came out of the closet. He faces issues with his family fully accepting the fact. Josh is also one of the few Earth Humans to know of The Black Moon Clan and like Marc forms friendships with a good amount of the ones he meets.