Angry face Mind Raped wut little rapist WTF soda santa someone is gonna die heh heh Oh Crap...

Go to image Halloween '08 Christmas 1 '08 Christmas 2 '08 Christmas 3 '08 Christmas 4 '08 Christmas 5 '08 Christmas 6 '08 Christmas 7 '08 Christmas 8 '08 Christmas 9 '08 Christmas 10 '08 Christmas 11 '08 Christmas 12 '08 image be mine Kiss Me Emo Boy's True Identity (Bobobo Ref) Happy 1 year! Chu~ Happy Halloween '09 Merry Christmas '09 mini halloween comic '09 I'm FABULOUS~! Dooodle 030 Josh doodle Fan service~ Fan service~ Jet~ I LURV YOU DUCKY! YARR! Kito Doodle THE GAYNESS IT BURNNNSS!!!>M<; Josh <3 This is where the Granite Granite full body with powers shown (on a TAKS practice sheet) Explination: I drew this during a Sci test on body systems you could guess what some were...>3>; Yes Granite is as gay as they get...>3>;;; Pretty much Dem's after life goal and meaning in Mini fluff doodle

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Jet by Krista '07 Jet by Mika '07 Jet by Deanna '07 Demando by Deanna '07 Jet by Deanna '07 Jackie (Jack) by Deanna '07 Jackie (Jack) by Deanna '07-'08 Jet by Jenny '09 Jet by Jenny '09 Jet by TRALLT '10 Demando by Farah '10 Jet by Deanna '10 Josh by Deanna '10 Jet by Deanna '10 Jet by Jonah B&A and Deanna '10 Jet by Gabby '10 Jet by Kuro-neko '10 Jet by my Secret Santa~ '10 Jet by Gabby '10 Jet as a MLP by TRALLT '11

Jet and Demando Deanna '08 Kito and Random Uke Deanna '08 Katie and Isac by Deanna '08 [Isac belongs to Deanna] Jet and Demando by Jenny '09 Jet and Sasha by Kuro-Nekoday '10 Jet and Dem by JICheshire '11 Jet and Dem by Gabby '11

Demando, Jet,and Katie by TRALLT '10 Kito, Isac,and Josh by Deanna '10 [Isac belongs to Deanna] Bertholomew, Kris, CK, Jet, and Dem by Jenny '10
*Note* Bertholomew and Kris are from my other series: Just Wake Up and Everything Will be Okay