This is information and history of The Black Moon Clan, Sailor Senshi, ect. This is a spin off series of a fancomic I used to write/draw years back. (Most can be seen in Sailor Moon R)

Black Moon/ Nemesimian Clan- A special clan of humans that was made out of exiles of Earth that moved to another planet: Nemesis. Because of the planet's make up and strange power through out the years and generations the people in the clan began developing supernatural and individual powers. All Nemesimians can be identified by a black moon upside-down crescent on their forehead.
Nemesis- Tenth Planet of the solar system that was where Earth's rejects were sent for not agreeing with the Earth's way of ruling and messing with the natural order. This planet is a parasitic planet, meaning it feeds off of any energy source, the only reason it's livable is due to the Dark Crystal that constantly feeds it.
Dark [Poison] Crystal- The energy source of The Black Moon People's powers as through generations of exposure caused it to fuse with their blood in order to give them powers. It also feeds Nemesis' power-lust hunger thus protecting the inhabitants from being absorbed. Wiseman used this in order to attempt to destroy Earth and The Black Moon Clan upon his failure to do so the Dark Crystal was destroyed along with him. The now remaining shards of the Dark Crystal are worn by nearly every Clan Member as earrings.
Wiseman- Former head advisor for Prince Diamond his, reveal of a traitor and true identity of Death Phantom came near the end of the Earth-Nemesis War. His true intentions were to actually destroy Earth then kill off The Black Moon Clan. He is responsible for numerous Clan murders and manipulation tactics using The Dark Crystal. He was killed by The Silver Crystal and Sailor Moon.
[Sailor] Senshi- Princesses of the 9 planets of the Solar System and protectors the White Moon legacy. Their leader is The White Moon Princess, Sailor Moon, who uses her power of the Silver Crystal to clear out any threat to Earth. They are mainly positioned on Japan.
Silver Crystal- The Dark Crystal's polar opposite because of that one tends to neutralize the other if one has a higher mass (IE. In Nemesis the Silver Crystal can't work due to the fact that the Dark Crystal's true residing is there, In Crystal Tokyo the shards of Dark Crystal don't work). It's the main source of power for Princess Serenity (Sailor Moon).
Earth-Nemesis War A five year long war between Earth and Nemesis that had begun with the invasion of Earth. Although most of Earth had fallen The Black Moon Clan could not subdue the main kingdom, Crystal Tokyo, so in order to finally claim Earth time travel became a means to attempt to destroy the kingdom within. The plans to regain Earth through force failed but after understanding The Black Moon Clan's true intentions of wanting to leave their dark, cold, and forsaken planet for something better, the Sailor Senshi and Black Moon Clan came into an agreement and created a treaty allowing The Clan to live freely on Earth of the past.
Droids- Artificial human like servants of The Black Moon Clan that are created by the power of the Dark Crystal and assigned to a specific member. Sapphire is the main one in charge of creating Droids but has since decreased creating them considering the fact that the Main Dark Crystal was lost in the war.